20 Quick Home Improvement Ideas That Wont Break The Bank

We all want to have a top quality home extension or conservatory for our home. Or even new roofing, cladding or double glazing. These can be great improvements you can make to your home and will significantly improve the value of the property and improve the standard of living for you and your family too.

Not everybody is in a position to improve their home right at this moment in time, and so here are some great quick tips for helping your environment at home without breaking the bank.

  1. Start swapping power hungry bulbs to LEDs. – This can be a great way to save money in the long term and keep electricty costs down. The Kitchen can be a good place to start, however not everybody is keen on LED lights. These ones are particularly good and have been receiving some great reviews online.

    This great information comes from GreenEneryGeneration.co.uk  
    The all round easiest way to save energy and money is to simply turn off the light when you are not using it, this way you will ALWAYS save energy if you switch off the light as you leave the room, even its only for a minute or two.However, replacing light bulbs with energy saving alternatives will guarantee to save you money.

    A traditional light replaced with a compact fluorescent bulb will typically save you around £3 a year – £55 over the course of the life of the light bulb.

    Replacing a 50W halogen down-light with a 60W LED (Light Emitting Diode) will typically save you around £4 per year or £70 over the life of the bulb.

    Many homes today have a mixture of standard light fittings and halogen down-lights, so the two alternatives for both are:

    CFLs – known as an energy efficient light bulb. Cost effective option for most general lighting purposes. However, extremely harmful to the environment. (CFL – compact fluorescent lights)

    LEDs – even more efficient, these are a ideal replacement for halogen down-lights. Slightly more expensive than CFLs, but will save you even more money in the long term.

  2. Replacing worn seals around doors and windows is cheap and easy, to make your house much less drafty. – It might have been years, even decades since the seals around your door or window were replaced.Having new seals can make a huge difference to the temperature and energy saving efficiency to your home. Even one draft in your home can dramatically cost you £100’s in lost energy.

    If you have been feeling the cold drafts in your home it might be a good idea to go around and check the doors for gaps and sealing opportunities. This door seal comes in lots of different colours and is very easy to fit and replace the old one.

  3. A dynamic light for your outdoor lights. You could have a time on the switch itself. Super easy to program. I have not to had to turn my outdoor lights on in years. It makes it a little trickier to programme when you take into account daylight savings times and the best time to turn it on. But it means that if you enjoy popping out in the garden in the summer or throughout the year you will have a light on when you need it without ever having to turn it on and off and save on electricity.It can be easier to get a light sensor variety that will ensure that if there is not enough light the light will come on. Super easy.

    Or you can go extra green and use one of these solar powered lights which detect motion and just screw to a wall. Even easier!

  4. Upgrade the toilet lids, and kitchen cupboards with dampers. – This is especially useful if you have kids, or if you are unfortunate enough to have a heavy handed person in your life. Such a simple addition to the toilet seat or kitchen cupboards and you can rest easy knowing you wont be jumping out of your skin from just closing a cupboard.Also it just helps make a more softer and gentler experience around your home, which is always welcome!
    Take a look at these, which come in packs of two.
  5. Make your windows repel the rain. – This awesome product is sprayed on windows and stops the rain from sitting on the windows. It runs right off, a bit like how it does on a modern windscreen. The chemical solution is a simple solution that improves visibility for all your windows when it rains.Also, if you have neglected your windows for a while simply give them a good wash and clean! A bit of soap and water wont cost you much at all and mix this in with some Rain X for some great long term results.
  6. Add a wireless doorbell for a much softer greeting at home. – we all have busy postmen that come and try and knock our doors down every so often. Or a takeaway delivery driver who is keen to get to his next house within the first 5-10 seconds of the first knock.Giving them another option might be a good way to stop those hard knocks from happening, and also increase the chances of you hearing when someone has knocked on the door.

    Its really simple to fit, you have 2 screws and a battery on the bell to screw into the door frame or the wall outside. Then a receiver that has another battery where you can place anywhere in your home. Customisable sounds too for every taste. A small addition that can add lots of improvement to your home. Lots of different options to choose from, this has been a popular product with over 2,000 positive reviews.

  7. Time and Elbow Grease – Get a whole bunch of cleaner/washer and clean your house from top to bottom at least once a year – inside and outsideWalk around your building, get to ground level, climb a ladder to the eaves, have a quick look at the roof, inspect windows, doors, openings and inside move all appliances, furniture, chairs, tables to see whats happening behind them.This way, you get a once over of your entire building – most of the time, you’ll find some minor things that can be fixed (caulking, sealing, painting, patching) – other times you will find small issues that would have turned into major issues if they have been left alone (better to catch them before not after)
  8. Add USB wall outlets – Especially any plug sockets close to a nightstand! Check them out here. These can be a great tidy way to ensure you have a fantastic way to charge your phone up at night. You can also buy a short usb charger cable that will mean you wont have a long long cable when its not necessary to have one!Some of the most awesome newest designs have really cool magnetic charger parts of the USB, which makes plugging them in very easy. Quite a cool solution too!
  9.  Motion detecting night lights for your home. Having these on around the house makes it less invasive having a big bright light on whilst using the bathroom in the night.Its very practical and easy to install, you just need to buy them for the main routes and rooms you might frequently pass through. Just counting the number of plug sockets you have along these routes.
  10. Make things a bit easier in the bathroom with a Bidet attachment – Comes with a self cleaning nozzle and hygenically its quite a good option. Plus you might save quite a bit more on toilet paper too! This particular option comes with a water temperature adjustment. Might be a fantastic addition for elderly people who struggle with self care, or just a luxury option for many of us!
  11. Doorstops! These things cost virtually nothing but are something you wouldn’t necessarily think about getting for the home. So it might be a good idea to just add a few to your basket for your next order.There might be a specific door in your home that slams shut when you have two or more windows open in your house, or there might be a door you would like permanently open to a specific point.


  12. Surround sound speakers for a home cinema experience! – These may not be for everybody, but they can be a great way to get lots of extra immersion from a blockbuster film. Nowadays these things are a lot easier to install as wireless speakers make it possible to simply place them around the room once configured. There are lots of additional features and options available for your surround sound system.Just be sure to make sure you dont wake any sleeping children or people who might want to get some rest whilst watching a film late at night!

    If you are a film buff then adding this feature to your home is a must.

  13. Replace or add the numbers on your home! These unique number on your door is a unique way to get a little creative. There are plenty of options out there, to the most standard to very expensive customised solutions. Whatever you choose will make it feel much more like your home.
  14. Replace the knobs in the kitchen – can be a cheap way to make it feel like a new kitchen. We use the doorknobs and handles every day so this small subtle change can really change how you feel about your home.Also with knobs and handles being very cheap nowadays you could really make an impact and get something matching your specific favored style.

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  1. Thank you for listing some small home improvement ideas that I can do for pretty cheap. I really want to improve my home, but I don’t have a lot of money to do so. I really like your idea to get some solar powered lights with motion detection. I think that would be a nice little thing to add to my home.

  2. Great idea! Thanks for sharing with us!

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