7 Great Reasons to Install a Conservatory

Installing a conservatory is a great idea, certainly a more cost-effective addition than moving. It also helps you to make the most of your garden, whether or not it’s raining. Here are some more reasons why you should install a conservatory.

1. For Additional Space

It’s quite obvious that a conservatory is an excellent method of having an additional space.

The P-shaped, Edwardian or Victorian conservatories have spacious interiors and balance any lack of space in the rest of the house.

Even smaller conservatory designs provide an incredibly generous space.

2. Multiple Uses

Earlier conservatories were used solely for housing tropical plants.

However, nowadays they can be used for multiple purposes.

You can turn your conservatory into a luxurious dining area or you can set your home office there.

And there are many more uses as far as your creativity goes.

3. Brings Home and Garden Together

If you feel that your garden is too far from you when you are inside your home, you can bring it in your conservatory so as to get close to it.

You can make still more additions like patio, bi-folding doors and other structural designs to make your conservatory give you a feel of a giant living place connecting your home and garden.

4. Natural Light

A conservatory is a great solution to let ample natural light in your home.

As you know, natural light and air in your home improves the quality of interior atmosphere.

5. Enjoyment of Outdoor Trips in Home

Given the UK’s unpredictable climate, it’s not always possible to conduct outdoor trips.

In such a condition, you can enjoy the feeling of an outdoor trip in the comfort and safety of your home in your conservatory.

6. More Economical than Extension or New Home

While a conservatory is certainly not inexpensive, it’s more so than other options like building an extension or moving to a new home.

7. Value Addition

A conservatory increases the value of your home.

Research shows that it increases the resale value of homes by around 7%.

So, when you plan to sell your home, a conservatory is a great plus point. Your buyers will be certainly impressed with this charming structure and will be easily ready to pay you your desired amount.

So, consider building a conservatory and make your home a more enjoyable place. And make sure to get a quote from us to ensure you are getting a professional installation and modern, quality product from John Parker Fixings.


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