A recent home improvement project in Ipswich completed by John Parker Fixings

This an installation recently completed by our FULLY EMPLOYED installation team at John Parker Fixings. We originally completed the Fascia, Soffit and Rainwater installation at this property and when the client was let down by her original window installation company she gave us the opportunity to quote.

Original windows were painted wooden windows, In order to maintain the integrity of the property the client wished to remain with wooden windows but wanted all of the new efficiency advantages. Replacement windows installed are double glazed HARDWOOD windows, with Friction stays and multioint locking with Chrome furniture which are finished in a specific RAL colour known as silk grey. The client wished for this specific colour and we were pleased to accomodate them. These painted windows come fully finished having undergone a four part paint process which is sprayed at the factory and come factory glazed. When you see the finished product it is difficult to tell that this is a painted finish as the paint process is so good.

The finished article is amazing and the frames all meet the current efficiency ratings in accordance with current building regulations. The customer also has the flexibility in the future to re-paint the windows to change the look of the property to keep with a more contemporary look as trends move on

window frames
Completed work showing massive improvements




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