Why Are Aluminium Bi-folding Doors So Popular?

Why Are Aluminium Bi-folding Doors So Popular?
While planning to install bi-fold doors, which material they should be made from is one of the biggest decisions. Three major options are aluminium, uPVC and timber. All these have their own pros and cons. But aluminium can score over timber as well as uPVC in many aspects. It’s interesting therefore to take a close look at why aluminium is the best choice and why it’s so popular for bi-folding doors.

An Affordable Long-term Investment
Aluminium has been usually considered as a pricey option of material for frames. However, while thinking about the cost, it’s also necessary to consider not only the initial cost but also the follow-up expenses in terms of maintenance and potential replacement because of wear and tear. If you are on a budget, uPVC may tempt you as it’s the cheapest material. However, uPVC frames can warp soon when exposed to harsh weather conditions and look worn in due course as compared to aluminium or timber. Since they tend to contracting, expanding and warping, their operation can be severely affected and unpredictable, which means it can result in expensive repair and eventual replacement. Thus, though uPVC bi-fold door may seem less expensive initially, it can become expensive over time.

Timber frames can usually be pricier than aluminium and still they don’t offer the same durability as aluminium. They absorb water, and thereby warp and rot over time. You can minimise this, but with a lot of time-consuming and expensive maintenance.
As compared to both of these, aluminium is much more affordable and durable. Thus for bi-fold doors it’s a practical and smart material choice.

Look and Feel of Timber
Timber is known for its pleasant looks. But it comes with a lot of maintenance. If you consider that you can’t get the same aesthetic pleasure from aluminium frames, you are wrong, because aluminium frames come in a range of very real-looking woodgrain effects.

Aluminium Requires Least Maintenance
As mentioned earlier, solid hardwood frames require a lot of maintenance though they look beautiful. uPVC is the least expensive choice but look aged soon despite a 10-year or more guarantee.
Aluminium on the other hand, is absolutely easy to maintain and you can clean it infrequently just with a light, soapy solution.

Energy-efficiency is a major concern for homeowners nowadays because energy performance certificates are required every time when homes are built, sold, bought or rented. Even if you don’t intend to do any of these, having a more energy-efficient house is anytime better to reduce your energy bills and make you comfortable. In that case, aluminium is a very useful material. Aluminium is not known to be thermally efficient but today’s aluminium doors are fitted with a thermal break which prevents heat transfer from one side of the door to the other. Thus aluminium frame becomes more energy efficient.

These are only a few reasons why aluminium bi-folding doors are so popular. So, you can make an informed decision and choose the best material for your bi-fold doors.


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  1. My friends recently had a remodel done in their living room and they added a bi-fold door. I have seen a lot of those around lately and I have been curious as to why they are so popular. I didn’t know that aluminium requires the least amount of maintenance to keep it clean. That would be really nice not to have to worry about it! I can see why she wanted to get an aluminium bi-folding door now. Thank you for the information!

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